In this part, I tried to interpret the meaning of my final works through using camera work, because people is easier to have a stronger feeling and a deeper understanding through shooting of artworks.

I want to  convey the meaning of rebirth by a narrative shooting.

Key characteristics of shooting for my works include:

location of shooting

model style

post production

1. location of shooting

According to the theme———rebirth, I would like to find  scene full of symbol of death, so I choose richmond park ad my final shooting scene, because of it is a primitive forest that everywhere, the soil looked undisturbed and layered with last year’s leaves. As the saying goes,  leaves return to the roots — to revert to one’s origin. In my opinion, these elements are match with my final works.

2. model style

On the makeup and costumes of model, I prefer to pursue a sense of ritual, because rebirth is a kind of serious thing.

3. post production

On the aspect of post production, I research many classic photograph works about life and death, they always have a sense of surrealism. Therefore, my friends and me design the style of picture in a silent and cooler color way.


I learned to use a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop to create high quality images of my final artwork. I am able to take photographs of artworks large and small use them in many different ways. I didn’t start out to be a photographer, but in the course of my work I’ve learned a few things that really help.

what I learn from this part is a variety of academic and skills. These include: camera technique and communication and collaboration, planning and curation.Q25G3735 Q25G3737 Q25G3767 Q25G3812 Q25G3881