In the immediate future, my practical plans for continuing personal and professional development include:

I try to join more famous display and solo exhibition in China and England – This may be in the form of jewelry pieces or a series of small installations.

I prepare to make these antler jewelry is suitable to wear in daily life. I currently have a series of deer horn works that I want to continue to develop.

I want to continue to wider this project through telling rebirth in future, created specifically for eroded deer horn . I am interested in the idea of narrative jewelry.

  In future, it is my aim to collaborate with fashion designers in dramatic catwalk shows , as well as theatre designers’ productions, to explore experimental jewelry for their outfits and costume designs. Being pro-active about seeking fashion and theatre designers to collaborate with will be important. Also finding photographers to record and advertise my work will be necessary. It is also my intention to run a small studio with colleagues, maybe based in China. It is also my intention to create a brand that include a range of jewelry.


The form of antler always limited because of antler is not able to be more complex if I want to empty it. Therefore, I will try to research and solve this situation.