In applying for a place on this MA Designer maker course, I tried to further my capabilities as an jewelry designer. Through an understanding of the theoretical and technical aspects of the 3d works, I attempted to explore specificity in my practice-led research interests. Therefore, I used my project as an opportunity to experiment with 3d works, promoted my skill sets and move beyond my comfort zone. At the end of this course I think I have come a long way in getting these aims.

My project proposal is related to how can rebirth be made manifest through the design of jewellery composed from bones. During research I came to realize that rebirth involves two different aspects from spiritual and biological concept. Depending on this, I was able to find a relationship between them, which enable me to build these ideas as my own.


I can see that what I focus on was an interest in using jewelry tools to explain the processes we use for constructing, manifesting and reading visual language during these two years. Prior to this MA course I studied primarily as a student of jewelry course; making jewelleries that communicate ideas clearly, within special skills. For me, this project became an opportunity to break restrictions of my mind– This enabled me to judge my studying methodologies, forget and then rebuild my practice.

At the beginning of Unit 2 I began to explain the rebirth gained through my research paper. I try to find specific form to define the meaning of rebirth. This work plan is a challenge to my capabilities but also is a opportunity to take risks and explore unfamiliar field, without being overly focused on final outcomes.

During Unit 2 It’s difficult in transforming from abstract idea into real world practice for me.

My work often explores an abstract idea that then develops into a specific idea . For example, my experiments with antelope horn investigates its materiality and its meaning through referring to abstract ideas like regeneration and rebirth. My works are made of fragile horn and hard metal to support the bone structures, each cooperating with each other as a manifestation of rebirth. The antelope’s antlers regrow every year and so are a sustainable source of material. The horns are drilled into to represent erosion in nature and transitory processes. Research into Buddhism and biological processes of decay have led to a deep understanding of rebirth. Other processes learned were metal welding, ivory carving and bone art, and these have led to developing greater skills and experimentation.


It is important to choose a suitable material to express the meaning of rebirth.There are many mythology, the deer is a magical creature,able to more between the worlds. in many tales humans are transformed into deer. the antlers of stag may represent fertility.since they are shed and regrown every year,they may also symbolize rejuvenation and rebirth.

I have done research about the eroded skeleton through medical specialty and natural phe- nomena, such as scanning electron micrograph of osteoporotic bone, and organic surface that seems naturally transformed.

I try to imitate the eroded antler. the eroded antler gives audience a feeling that life is de- caying. At the beginning, the structure of eroded tend to be vertical moulding. so I drill the hole follow the long string, at the same time, the hole is drilled in various shape. strip the surface texture of antler, and then to drill different shape of hole. with the development of project, the texture and original shape of antler has been kept because the natural shape is more dynamic and elegant.


During exploring my final outcomes for this course I overcame many technical challenges. I have learned basic slip casting and sculpture and I have also learned knowledge in new area,such as ceramic, Photoshop and Laser cutting. At the end of this course I think I no

longer feel anxious from unfamiliar area and I am encouraged to explore a range of materials and techniques to present my visual language.

At the end of this course I think I still have come a long way in developing myself, I want to continue to explore this project of rebirth from concept to form, such as symbol of rebirth, model of organic eroded shape.

I have developed my study methodologies through this course and it is very important that the exploration through my this project continue to influence my further practice. In the immediate future, my practical plans for continuing personal and professional development include:

  1. I try to join more famous display and solo exhibition in China and England – This may be in the form of jewelry pieces or a series of small installations.
  2. learning a theoretical and material understanding of the material of 3d works encourages

me to shape projects in basically different ways. I currently have a series of deer horn works that I want to continue to develop.

3. I want to continue to wider this project through telling rebirth in the next weeks, created specifically for eroded deer horn . I am interested in the idea of narrative jewelry.


In future, it is my aim to collaborate with fashion designers in dramatic catwalk shows , as well as theatre designers’ productions, to explore experimental jewelry for their outfits and costume designs. Being pro-active about seeking fashion and theatre designers to collaborate with will be important. Also finding photographers to record and advertise my work will be necessary. It is also my intention to run a small studio with colleagues, maybe based in China. It is also my intention to create a brand that include a range of jewelry.

In conclusion, what I learn from this course is a variety of academic and skills. These include: researching and writing papers, formulating work plans, working to an action

research methodology, developing technical skills, reflective thinking, communication and presentation, collaboration, show planning and curation.