Growing up in Florida Daniel Arsham has always been surrounded by natural phenomena in the form of hurricanes and floods. It is no coincidence that as a result the power of nature and the effects on our culture play an essential part in his oeuvre. This battle between architecture and nature has been visible in different ways throughout his practices, such as his gouache paintings of natural environments. In these paintings architectural forms interfere with the landscape by manipulating it with geometric shapes.


I can see his tension between nature and culture. The sculptures that are on display refer to the popular culture as we know it, but at the same time have a lugubrious character since it looks like they have barely survived a big fire. I have learned that the power of nature is amazing, and the pattern of nature is more elegant and value.6_instview-1024x682 6_mickeyash-web-1024x784 104_dig-snarkitecture-01-600x399 daniel-arsham-pixel-cloud-03 eroded-payphones-by-daniel-arsham-2013-1368654261_b tomorrowspast09 tumblr_nm9ioc4mLi1res77qo1_1280 tumblr_nm9it6fRZv1res77qo1_1280