Whether it’s peeling paint, rusty rails, chipped concrete or graffiti-on-graffiti, for those who love the city, decay is the new vintage. It’s also an overarching theme in Yusuke Kagari’s bags and accessories. The designer, who collaborated with Keisuke Nagami in an exhibition last month, puts the same attention to detail into his pieces as any other designer. Except, instead of trying to make them look new, he tries to make them look 100 years old.


When he living in the city, in his eyes the continuity created by walls and concrete is one beautiful landscape .Simply put, on my opinion,  each of Kagari’s pieces is a love letter to the city and all it’s beautiful cuts and bruises.Yusuke-Kagari-1-651x435 Yusuke-Kagari-3-300x198 Yusuke-Kagari-4-665x435 Yusuke-Kagari-5-660x435 Yusuke-Kagari-6-662x435 Yusuke-Kagari-7-652x435 Yusuke-Kagari-8-670x331