In this stage, I focus on the final formation of jewellery. I’m particularly inspired by the some artists who focus on the organic material and life theme. As Mcqueen said ’People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality,’ he once observed, ‘kind of deep and kind of melancholic about my collections.’

I combined eroded antler and metal, antler and metal, they are two kind of different material, eroded antler is fragile, however metal is hard. I hope my works reflect paradoxical relationships such as life and death, lightness and darkness, melancholy and beauty through using these two materials.

I collect the antler, and then design them in the form of jewelry. in process, metamorphosis of the bones symbolize decomposition of natural life cycles. At last, a series of new jewellery forms composed from the bones will be shown and it can manifest the dead transforms into something new.

To wear my jewelry pieces on the body plays an important role. It is very important for me that my jewelry will be worn, expressed on the body and reflect within the processing of transformation of life, which makes it special.


I think the final work is a meditation on the dynamics of power, in particular the dialectical relationship between fragile and sustainability of life. My reflections on primitivism are frequently represented in paradoxical combinations, contrasting modern and primitive, civilized and uncivilized.