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His work “Organic Metal” is about the old, the new and the ambivalence in-between,he want to preserve, or possibly conserve, a snapshot of the aging process and a specific moment in the life/death of organic materials like mostly bread or bread dough.


These organic material is formed in jewelry pieces. I really like the similarities between the way humans grow up and develop, I think his works look like evaluation in itself by following the already finished process from a distance.3alternativesabele ABE_4 ABE1-3B b859409fd2b76d9b36b73280891de176 Bernard02 Bernard06 BERNHARD-STIMPFL-ABELE-STIMPFEL-Orange-Explosion-spilla-argento-puroossidazione-polystereneelettroformatura Bernhard+Stimpfl-Abele cbd23924860c05db35c18b687c5b4494 inspiration_from_pacific Lemon+Explosion Orange+Evolution+103+-+Version+2